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By Joachim Rayos

 I bought a pair of the 2012 Fizik R1 Uomo early November. After about a dozen plus rides on them, I would like to share my impressions. Please note that these are the outgoing R1 Uomos. For 2013, Fizik has revised their shoe line so this does not apply to the new ones as seen on their website now. Thus, you may be able to find the outgoing R1 and R3 shoes at a discount (like I did at an LBS).

Out-of-the-box, the shoes present themselves to be a really premium item. Even the box itself looks posh. Highlights are the kangaroo leather outer material, sailcloth straps, multi-material composite sole, and SIDAS flash-fit moldable insoles. The SIDAS insoles themselves cost around $90 and it is a bonus to have them included with the shoes, so consider that when comparing prices with other shoes.


The shoe's fit is can be tuned in two ways. First is via the moldable SIDAS insoles and secondly, by removing a foam insert on the tongue. Sizing was true to my Sidis, I picked the same 40.5 size for my Fiziks - but this may be slightly different from other shoe brands. Toe box room is very roomy compared to Sidi and was my main reason for trying out the Fiziks.  The contentious part is the arch/foot volume. On my first ride I encountered unbearable hot spots on the tops of my feet. Stopped mid-ride and removed the tongue foam insert - problem solved instantly. 

Over the next few rides I did get various hot spots on the ball of my feet, after a few rides and moving the cleat around slightly to find the sweet spot this has cleared up. The shoes will also take a while to break in as they are real leather. I did notice a bit more arch support and less heel cup support with the R1 Uomos.  An added bonus is that the SIDAS insoles can be flash-fitted more than once, and I may return to the LBS to get these re-flashed now that the shoes have been broken in.


The R1 Uomo looks killer in white, very fashionable in that Italian sense. I get compliments almost every ride. The downside is that they are, well, white and are a bit of a dirt magnet. Another guy I know has the black version, which I wouldn't really recommend from an aesthetic point of view. With black socks on, he looks like he is riding in dress shoes. I do prefer the aesthetics of the R3 better, white but with a black toe area.


Stack height is a bit higher, so raise your seatpost ~5mm to compensate. I still placed my wedges in between the cleats and the shoes. Once you nail the cleat position and saddle height, there is not much to say. I can't tell if it is the shoes or the insoles but they seem to damp more vibration coming through your feet. Standing up, they feel stiff and have a nice rebound. I was told the muti-material sole is designed to be stiff in some areas and compliant in others; maybe it is that but I do like the road feel.


I do recommend them but test them out before you buy, preferably with an LBS with a good return policy. The fit takes a while to dial in.

Positives: Premium materials and construction throughout, premium moldable insoles, excellent toe room. Discounted now that they are being replaced by redesigned 2013 models.

Negatives: Fit can be finicky, high stack height. These are the same feedback points Fizik has addressed with the 2013 redesign.


  • Compared to the R1, the R3s use Microtex instead of kangaroo leather and do not have the SIDAS insoles. Both models use the same sole though, so the feedback on fit would apply to both.
  • Potential buyers should try both the 2012 and 2013 models side-by-side to see if one fits better than the other. 

~ Thanks for sharing this excellent review, Joachim! - RoadieManila

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