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A totally unexpected aftereffect of my KT was a decrease in shoe size. Whereas I was previously a size 10 US before, I found out that I was now a size 9.

While this doesn't matter much for real world shoes, it matters a lot for cycling shoes. After all, no one wants unnecessary movement in the drivetrain. Yes, that includes YOU, the motor. All the leg movement you produce must transmit to the pedals, not back and forth nor side to side within your shoe! 

So on to the For Sale pages went my old cycling kicks. Ah, R1B Uomos, I shall remember thee fondly. A unique combination of lightness, comfort and minimalist style, these are great shoes, and they are indeed missed.

Shoe sentimentality aside, now came the delightful dilemma of choosing a new pair. I didn't have to look far as Fizik has recently revamped their stable. I came across something very very interesting.

I came across the Fizik Infinito R1 Knit. Knitted cycling shoes...Fun times.

I definitely had to try these. Fortunately, my ever-reliable LBS had them in stock....in Cebu (sad face emoji here).  EQ issues aside, I had them ship several samples in different sizes to Manila.

After three full days of waiting, I got the much awaited Viber saying the goods were here. Going through several sizes, and quite unsurprisingly, I confirmed that I had size 9 Fizik feet - Fiziks are true to size like that; quite unlike Sidis where you often had to order half a size larger. I was very pleased that they fit as great as my size 10's on my pre KT feet.


Pre Ride

In typical Fizik fashion, the shoes came in a tidy black box with gloss black lettering. And typical for cycling products these days, some motivational statements on the inside. I love Marketing.

...for regular people.

Motivated yet?

The first thing you'd notice about the shoes is the construction. A good portion of the shoe is made of knitted fabric. Not all of it but major portions of the front and sides, all the way back. This black knitted fabric forms a top layer over another layer of red fabric underneath, peeking in between the knits. There are sections where the knit feels like knitted cloth in the same manner as an Adidas NMD. However, there are parts where knit does not, namely in the front and tops. Here, they feel firm and solid. We have reached out to Fizik who informed us that these areas are reinforced with polyurethane film which is 'thermowelded' into the knit, giving the solid shape and structure.

Presenting: The Infinito R1 Knit
The harder portions seem to be imbued with a resin which gives it its shape. On top is where you'll find Infinito closure system. Compared to the Fizik R1B Uomo, the Infinito closure is a bit more complicated in shape. Fizik says that this figure 8 lacing was meant to reduce pressure points. Making yet another appearance are two Boa dials (almost defacto in top-line cycling shoes) which are used to micro adjust the shoe via a series of steel wires and guides.

The front and the rear of the Infinito Knit are coated with what seems like rubberized paint which hides the resin-like material. Unfortunately, mine were scratched in an unfortunate run-in with my front wheel. At least we have a sneak peek of what it looks like underneath.

The underside is once again made of UD Carbon fiber which looks like a carryover from the R1B. In fact, I was able to transfer the heel of R1B over to the Infinito Knit as it wouldn't hurt for some red to break the monotony of the predominantly black shoe.

Heart and Sole made out of Carbon Fiber

Like a Ferrari!

Three scooped vents line the front of the sole with one large exhaust vent and two smaller exhaust vents at the middle-rear. The large middle intake vent feeds air directly into the shoe; you can see through it from the inside.

A new feature which makes an appearance in the Infinito series is the Dynamic Arch Support. Basically a sliver of fabric located on top of where the arch is. I don't yet know if I like it or not, but you can definitely feel it hugging your arch.

You may expect a knitted shoe to weigh less than its full faux-leather counterpart but you'll be surprised that the Infinito Knit weighs a bit more than the plain Jane Infinito. At 299.5 grams per shoe for size 9 (measured: L-301g, R-298g), the Knit is 23 grams heavier than the plain Infinito but an estimated 10-15 grams lighter than a similarly sized Sidi Shot.

On The Road

Compared to the R1B, the Knit is oh so slightly more difficult to get into and out of. This owes to the shape of the Infinito system. It's not like the two simple overlapping layers of the R1B Uomo. The  more complex 'lacing' of the Infinito series makes the opening much smaller. That being said, the opening is still quite generous compared to other shoes we've tried, and this might be just nitpicking.

Not Louboutins
The overall Fizik shape remains the same with a generous toe box compared to same sized Sidi models. The good news is that the Infinito system grips tighter or should I say, more accurately than the R1B. Where the R1B just hugs your feet, the Infinito closes in and tightens more in areas which have greater room. And remember the Arch Support, you can feel it once you slip into the shoes but quickly forget about them.

On to the ride!

The carbon sole does its job conducting the watts you generate onto the pedal. They're quite stiff, as can be expected from a modern carbon-soled shoe.

The ventilation is top notch! The central front vent has a lot to do with this as you can clearly feel air tickling your toes at speed. What's most impressive is the lack of heat buildup. This is where the Infinito Knit really stands out as there's porous fabric material over your toes which don't restrict heat and moisture from flowing out.

This is definitely top of mind for summer shoes but I probably cant say the same for wet weather scenarios. Overall, they feel like the previous range topping R1B Uomo. If you didn't know it, I'd bet you'd be hard pressed to tell these were knitted.

Care should be observed apres velo as the sole is very very slippery. There are no soft rubbery surfaces underneath for the shoes to grip with so cleat covers are a must.

Are knitted shoes the next big thing or just the latest Cycling gimmick? Who knows? Giro's came out with the Empire E70, and maybe other manufacturers will follow suit.

Is it for everyone? Probably not. Then again, no shoe is.

Is it for racing? Nah, lot's of weight weenie shoes out there much lighter than this.

But if your'e looking for all day comfort and cooler toes, you'd definitely want to check these out.


Top notch all day ventilation at the cost of a bit of weight and a lot of pesos.


Image from fizik.com

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