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Continued from SiDi Wire - First Impressions.

As is often the case for Cycling Shoes, liking one is a matter of "if the shoe fits". 

I'm lucky to have the proper foot shape to be comfortable inside SiDis. It should be noted that these brand shoes are pretty narrow compared to it's competitors. if you have wider than normal feet don't fret, it's common practice to order a size bigger on these anyway so voila! Problem Solved. 

On the road, the Wires performed admirably. The first thing a new Wire owner would notice is the stiffness! The Carbon Vent soles are really rock solid! And speaking of Vents... the Wire's closeable vents are definitely more than a gimmick! I experienced no heat buildup through 100kms of riding. This is especially noticeable inside the toe box area. After riding, the bottom of my socks felt noticeably cooler compared to what they would have been if I used my Genius 5 Pro. I'll definitely be keeping these closeable ports permanently open. 

Heel lift is definitely addressed by the HSS. As mentioned in SiDi Wire - First Impressions  a little bit of lift is still present.  My right boot had more lift compared to the left one. Hinting perhaps that a bit more tweaking is required.

I'm a bit annoyed at opening the topmost Techno III wire closure system though. Again, two hands are required to completely loosen the mechanism. The micro-adjustments are also too fiddly to be practical.  I guess I just got too spoiled with the 5-Pro's ratchet release.... just pull the red tab and presto! Oh well, can't have your cake...

That said, it's still has it's advantages over strap and ratchet, particularly on comfort.  If you're the type who doesn't need to adjust your shoe during a ride, the choice between wire or ratchet-strap is a no-brainer.   

The much ballyhooed SiDi America insoles did their job well. Well in the sense that I did not notice anything about them. They just look better and the bottom is covered with a thin cloth layer compared to the Genius 5-Pro's bare rubberized foam. 

Compared with the 5-Pro, the Wire provided a better cleat position as i was able to position the ball of my foot closer to the crank arms. It made a world of difference as my knees are now tucked-in throughout the 360 degrees of pedal motion. 

I heard that some guy named Peter Sagan field tested this and they say he's an okay rider so I'll take his word for it :D. 

Peter Sagan Field Testing the Prototype SiDi Wire (note: Marked Ergo 3) 

And finally, I just have to touch back and mention the color once more. When Dua Daddy and I pulled up on a rest stop. You can see every cyclist in attendance eyeballing the boots. On  sunny days,  you can see flashes of yellow reflecting on your sunglasses... WHILE looking straight ahead! :) 

Good? Bad? Who cares?! 

These are simply the best road shoes you can get right now! 


Stylish and functional. Extremely comfortable provided your feet fits. Can be too narrow for some. The best. 

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  1. "That said, it's still has it's advantages over strap and ratchet, particularly on comfort."

    But apart from comfort, what are the advantages?

  2. "I'm a bit annoyed at opening the topmost Techno III wire closure system though. Again, two hands are required to completely loosen the mechanism."

    What on earth are you talking about? I recently bought a pair of these shoes and both buckles are easy to undo with one hand.

  3. Herbie, you'd be glad to know that I can unbuckle the top strap with one hand now.

  4. Dear armand,
    Thanks for the info on. sidi roadie shoes.I forget to tell you that i purchased from Cristy 8 months ago my first sidi. genius6.6 vented carbon blk and white for 13t.for keo.Im previously using diadora,northwave and mavic.Perfprmance is like comparing BMW or mercedez with KIA or HYUNDAI.last week i was tempted to buy the red and white sidi wire CRISTY for 14t.It feels lighter and stiffer than my 6.6 genius.Can u further educate me comparing the 2?my 2 sidis looked original??mody gonzales

  5. What you ought to have as a top priority before you consider getting one is your long and transient necessities.wire rope manufacturer in malaysia


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