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Roadiemanila here! 

I'm addicted to Cycling.... as a Sport, an exercise, a hobby, a passion. A bit of a bike weight weenie, but only with non-exotic bits.

I live and ride in Manila. 

So here I am, three years into cycling. A little bit faster, a little bit lighter and a lot lot wiser! 

I got into this sport (or hobby) as part of my then Doctor's mandate to do at least three hours of exercise a week. Whoa! Who would've thought the Doctor's orders would blossom into something sooo enjoyable, rewarding and addictive!

Tried some other exercise routines but only cycling kept my mind engaged 100% throughout the excerise proper. My knees are oh so thankful for it!

But enough small talk. 

Let's talk about the bike! 

My current ride is my fourth Bike. And by bike, I mean Frameset. I never really owned four individual   roadies, but rather, kept upgrading and building on existing parts. Indeed, frames are the heart of what we call a bicycle. 

Bikes? To wit:

1. 2009 Argon Radon - Rock Solid! Sold it off to my high school classmate. Uses it for racing till now! 
2. 2009 Cannondale Six 3 - Love at first sight! I knew I had to have it the moment I set eyes on her!
3. 2010 Cannondale SuperSix HM Liquigas - Basso and Nibali won grand tours on this. I didn't. haha!
4. 2012 Scott Foil 20 - Shows how far bikes have come in the last 4 years. Aero, light, and partida not even using High Modulus carbon fiber! 

"Scottie" weighs in at a UCI-legal 15.03 pounds sans computer and bottles. Pretty decent considering all parts are available off the shelf from your LBS. Compared to the SuperSix HM, it rides about as stiff, but with less vertical compliance. Handles just as good and weighs only a tad more. 

While we're at it, let's establish a baseline. I took the time to break down the weight per component. This should make it easier to do an intelligent weight estimate in lieu of visiting the LBS. 

As much as possible, the component weights are actual measurements taken with my trusty kitchen scale. Else, weights are taken off actual measurements by Foil users or shops posted on the internet. Last resort for weights would be the manufacturers.

So far, the pieces seem to fit as I have only 39 grams to account for.  

I hope to hit 14 lbs without anything exotic. Or maybe not. 

Anyhow, I plan to review parts that matter, starting with the DELICIOUS Arione 00... SO STAY TUNED!

Au Revoir, Ride Safe!

Current Weight - Components


  1. Very nice !
    you've given me some ideas on my next group
    Here's my setup by the way

  2. Thanks! Posted on that thread as well


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