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The weight weenie adage that "Every Gram Counts" applies to every single part of your bicycle.

Every. Single. Part. 

Once you've done all you can on the big bits like frames, wheels, cranks etc; you now have to focus on weight savings on the little bits. 

Dropping grams on inner tubes (-30g),  Skewers (-80g), Seatpost Collars (-20g) even expander bolts (-15g) all contribute to the bottom line 

Enter the lowly bottle cage. 

Steel cages usually weigh in at 80g. Aluminum and Plastic at 50g. 

Cages made from the material of the moment, Carbon Fiber, weigh in well below 30g. 

FSA K-force cages come with the trademark White+Red stripe and ours is finished in traditional braided CF weave. 

Ours chimed in at 52g for the pair. Marginally lighter than the competing 3T LTD Cages seen in the background (54g). 

The FSA cages held up well for over a year of use. Bottle after sports bottle of varying shapes and sizes were clamped and secured with no complaints nor issues whatsoever. No bottle slippage was encountered even on the roughest dirt roads. 

Being made of w├╝ndermaterial Carbon Fiber, the cage wings are extremely flexible. This makes for nearly zero force bottle insertion and extraction, especially compared to metal cages which bottles sometimes need to be shoehorned in.  

Do I recommend these? Absolutely!

Should you buy these? That, my Friend, is a question only you can answer. 

As with all things Road, Price is Inversely proportional to Weight. And having ├╝berlight cages indeed will cost you a pretty penny. 


Easy to live with, great looks. Expensive. 

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